This is the ThingsDB documentation for version v0, click here for the latest version!


Adds a member to an existing enumerator type.


mod_enum(enum, 'add', name, value)


Argument Type Description
enum str Name of the enumerator type where the member has to be added to.
'add' str Passing this argument will result in an add action.
name str Name of the member that has to be added.
value depends Value of the member that has to be added. The type of the member must be equal to the other enum values.

Return value

The value nil.


This code shows how to use the action add:

// Create enum `Color`
set_enum('Color', {
    RED: '#ff0000',
    GREEN: '#00ff00'

// Add `BLUE` to enum `Color`
mod_enum('Color', 'add', 'BLUE', '#0000ff');

Return value in JSON format