Set a member from an existing enumerator type as default member. The default member is also selected when a instance of a Type is created using the enumerator as a required property.


mod_enum(enum, 'def', name)


Argument Type Description
enum str Name of the enumerator type where the member has to be removed from.
'def' str Passing this argument will result in a set default action.
name str Name of the member to set as default.

Return value

The value nil.


This code shows how to use the action def:

set_enum('Color', {
    RED: '#f00',
    GREEN: '#0f0',
    BLUE: '#00f'

// set GREEN as the default color
mod_enum('Color', 'def', 'GREEN');

enum('Color').name();  // color now defaults to GREEN

Return value in JSON format