Simple install the package to your $GOPATH with the go tool from shell:

$ go get github.com/thingsdb/go-thingsdb

Make sure Git is installed on your machine and in your system’s PATH.

Quick usage

Note: This example requires at lease version 1.0.0 of the go-thingsdb connector.

package main

import (

    thingsdb "github.com/thingsdb/go-thingsdb"

func example(conn *thingsdb.Conn, res chan interface{}) {
    if err := conn.Connect(); err != nil {
        res <- err

	// Close the connection at the end of this function
    defer conn.Close()

	if err := conn.AuthToken("Fai6NmH7QYxA6WLYPdtgcy"); err != nil {
		res <- err

	data, err := conn.Query(
		"//Doc",                // Scope
		".greetings.choice();", // ThingsDB code
		nil,                    // Arguments, may be a map[string]interface{}

	if err == nil {
		res <- data
	} else {
		res <- err

func main() {
	// Only required for a secure connection
	conf := &tls.Config{
		InsecureSkipVerify: false,

	// In this example we will use a channel to read the example response
	res := make(chan interface{})

	// Create a new ThingsDB connection
	conn := thingsdb.NewConn("playground.thingsdb.net", 9400, conf)

	// Start our example
	go example(conn, res)

	// Wait for the response
	data := <-res

	// Print the response (or error)
	fmt.Printf("%v\n", data)

Possible response

Log: connected to playground.thingsdb.net:9400 using a secure connection
Welcome at ThingsDB!

More info

A more complete description of the Go client can be found in the link below.