Data Types

ThingsDB uses the following data types:

type Description
bool Booleans are either true or false.
bytes Byte sequence.
closure Closures can be used as functions or to consume items from a thing, list, tuple or set.
datetime Type datetime can be used to store a value with date and time information.
enum Enumerators.
error An object containing information about an error.
float Floating point type.
future Futures can be used with modules and to postpone and isolate work.
int Integer type.
list Mutable array type.
mpdata Raw MessagePack data.
nil Used to define a null value, or no value at all.
regex Regular expression.
room Room type for joining and emitting events.
set Unordered group of unique things.
str String type.
task Schedule a task (closure) to run at a specific date/time.
thing Object with key value pairs.
timeval Like datetime but returns as a UNIX time-stamp by default.
tuple Nested and immutable list.
typed Type are things with predefined properties.
<Type> Wrapped thing by a Type.