The splice() function changes a list by removing or replacing existing items and/or adding new items.

This function generates a change (except when called on a variable).


list.splice(start, [delete_count, [item1, item2, ..., itemX]]))`


Argument Type Description
start int (required) Start index in the list. If it is negative, it will start that many items from the end of the list.
delete_count int (optional) Number of item to remove from thestart of the list. If <= 0, no items will be removed.
item1, item2, …, itemX any (optional) Items to add, beginning from the startof the list.

Return value

A list containing the deleted items.


This code replaces an item in a list at position 2:

months = ['Jan', 'Feb', 'April'];
months.splice(2, 1, 'March');       /* Returns: ['April'] */

Return value in JSON format