This function removes all properties from a thing that satisfies the callback function. The removed values will be returned in a new list. An empty list is returned if no values are removed.

This function generates a change.


thing.remove(callback, [limit])


Argument Type Description
callback closure (required) Closure to execute on each value.
limit int (optional) Limit the number of properties to remove.

Explanation of the callback argument:

Iterable Arguments Description
thing key, value Iterate over properties of the thing. Both key and value are optional.

If a callback satisfies more than a given limit of properties, it is not reliable which properties are removed as the order of properties on a thing is not guaranteed.

Return value

A list with the values from the removed properties.


This code shows an example using remove() on a thing:

tmp = {
    a: 1,
    b: 2,
    c: 3,
    d: 4

// Return the removed values and tmp with the remaining properties
    tmp.remove(|k, v| v%2==0),

Return value in JSON format

        "a": 1,
        "c": 3