Wrap a thing with a Type to filter out properties, while preserving the Id. A wrapped thing inherits the methods from the type it is wrapped with.

For a more advanced example using wrap() and unwrap() see <Type>.




Argument Arguments Description
Type str (optional) Type’s name to wrap the thing with. If not given, the thing will be wrapped with its own type.

Return value

A wrapped thing.


This code shows an example using wrap():

// Create a Type to return just an email field.
set_type('_Email', {email: 'str'});

// Store a thing
.joente = {
    name: 'Jeroen van der Heijden',
    email: 'jeroen@cesbit.com',
    gender: 'male',

// Return the email field and Id (#)

Example return value in JSON format

    "#": 42,
    "email": "jeroen@cesbit.com"