Returns information about the node in the selected scope. See scopes for more information on how to target a specific node scope.

Like all other info(..) functions, this function returns mpdata which can be loaded to extract one or more properties. See example 2.

Value Description
architecture Machine architecture of this node, for example amd64.
archive_files Number of archive files. May decrease after a full store during away mode.
archived_in_memory Number of changes which are archived in memory.
cache_expiration_time Time in seconds when a query expires in cache. Cleanup takes place when in away mode.
cached_names Number of names cached in memory.
cached_queries Number of queries the node has in stored in cache.
changes_in_queue Changes which are pending in the queue.
client_port Listening for client TCP socket connections on this port.
connected_clients Number of connected clients to the node.
db_stored_change_id Last stored change Id in full database store.
global_committed_change_id Lowest known committed change Id by all nodes.
global_stored_change_id Lowest known stored change Id by all nodes.
http_api_port Listening to this HTTP port for API calls.
http_status_port Listening to this HTTP port for status, readiness and liveness requests.
ip_support Enabled IP support. May be IPv4/IPv6 or both.
libcleri_version Cleri language parser library version.
libpcre2_version PCRE regular expression library version.
libuv_version UV asynchronous library version.
libwebsockets_version WebSockets library version.
local_committed_change_id Last committed change Id on the node.
local_stored_change_id Last stored change Id on disk. Store takes place when in away mode.
log_level Current log level for the node. May be changed at runtime using set_log_level(..).
modules_path Path where the modules are stored.
msgpack_version MessagePack data protocol library version.
next_free_id Next free Id (used for things, tasks, rooms etc.).
node_id The id which is assigned to the node.
node_name This node will publish itself to other nodes using the node name. This can be an IP address, hostname, or a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the node.
node_port Listening for node TCP socket connections on this port.
platform Machine platform of this node, for example linux.
python_interpreter Displays the Python interpreter which the node is using to run Python modules.
result_size_limit Result size limit is checked when packing properties for a thing. If, at the check moment, the packed data size exceeds the limit, packing stops and an RESULT_TOO_LARGE error will be returned. This limit is set in bytes and is used to prevent a huge amount of data, typically when a high deep value is used. See the configuration page to configure this limit.
scheduled_backups Number of backups scheduled on this node. Only repeated backups or backups which are planned in the future are included.
status Current status of the ThingsDB node.
storage_path Path used for storing ThingsDB data.
syntax_version Language or syntax version. A new version of ThingsDB might also have a new language version.
threshold_query_cache Queries with a length equal or larger than this value will be cached by the node. See the configuration page to configure this threshold.
uptime Uptime of the node in seconds.
version Version of ThingsDB.
yajl_version JSON parser library version.
zone Zone number to which the node is assigned. May be changed in the ThingsDB configuration file.

This function does not generate a change.





Return value

Returns mpdata about the node. Which node is defined by the scope.

Example 1

This code returns info for the connected node:


Example return value in JSON format

    "architecture": "amd64",
    "archive_files": 1,
    "archived_in_memory": 0,
    "cache_expiration_time": 900,
    "cached_names": 20,
    "cached_queries": 7,
    "changes_in_queue": 0,
    "client_port": 9200,
    "connected_clients": 1,
    "db_stored_change_id": 1,
    "global_committed_change_id": 2,
    "global_stored_change_id": 1,
    "http_api_port": 9210,
    "http_status_port": 8080,
    "ip_support": "ALL",
    "libcleri_version": "1.0.2a",
    "libpcre2_version": "10.39",
    "libuv_version": "1.43.0",
    "libwebsockets_version": "4.3.99-v1.6.0",
    "local_committed_change_id": 2,
    "local_stored_change_id": 1,
    "log_level": "WARNING",
    "modules_path": "/usr/lib/thingsdb-modules",
    "msgpack_version": "3.2.1",
    "next_change_id": 3,
    "next_free_id": 3,
    "node_id": 0,
    "node_name": "node0.local",
    "node_port": 9221,
    "platform": "linux",
    "python_interpreter": "/usr/bin/python",
    "result_size_limit": 20971520,
    "scheduled_backups": 0,
    "status": "READY",
    "storage_path": "/var/lib/thingsdb/",
    "syntax_version": "v1",
    "threshold_query_cache": 160,
    "uptime": 2633.51272359,
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "yajl_version": "2.1.0",
    "zone": 0

Example 2

This code returns just the version of ThingsDB:


Example return value in JSON format