Change the log level for the node in the selected scope.

ThingsDB will then log all levels greater than or equal to the specified level. For example, a default log_level of warning will log warning, error and critical messages.

This function does not generate a change.

Log Levels

Name Int Description
DEBUG 0 Display debug messages (can result in large amount of logging).
INFO 1 Informational messages.
WARNING 2 Warning messages (default log level).
ERROR 3 Error messages, can occur if for example a node is not available.
CRITICAL 4 Critical messages, should never occur unless something is really wrong.




Argument Type Description
log_level int Log level to set on the node.

Return value

Returns nil.


Change the log level on the node in the selected scope to debug:

// Enable `debug` logging on the node in the selected scope

Return value in JSON format