Returns information about a procedure.

Value Description
arguments Array with positional argument names.
created_at Time Stamp when the procedure is created.
definition Closure definition. (Only available with CHANGE privileges)
doc Doc string of the closure in the procedure.
name Name of the procedure.
with_side_effects Boolean value which indicates if this procedure has side effects and thus requires a change.

This function does not generate a change.




Argument Type Description
procedure str (required) Name of the procedure where to return the info for.

Return value

Returns mpdata about a given procedure.


Create a new procedure add_one:

new_procedure('add_one', |x| {
    "Adds one to a given value";
    x + 1;

// Return the doc string for procedure `add_one`

Return value in JSON format

    "arguments": [
    "created_at": 1579175900,
    "definition": "|x| {\n    \"Adds one to a given value\";\n    x + 1;\n}",
    "doc": "Adds one to a given value",
    "name": "add_one",
    "with_side_effects": false