Change a user’s password. This function can also be used to remove an existing password by using nil as the new password.

Passwords must contain 1 to 128 printable characters.

This function requires GRANT privileges on the @thingsdb scope when a username other then the logged in user is given as argument. For the currently logged in user, CHANGE privileges on the @thingsdb scope are sufficient.

This function generates a change.


set_password(username, new_password)


Argument Type Description
username str (required) Name of the user
new_password nil/str (required) New password or nil

Return value

Returns nil if successful. A lookup_err() is returned if the user does not exist and bad_data_err() if the new password is not compliant.


This code changes the password for user admin:

// Change the password for user `admin`
set_password('admin', 'my_secret_password');

Return value in JSON format